How to trouble shoot lice and nits

  • How to trouble shoot lice, nits removal, lice hair, how to trouble shoot nits hair?

    1. With our Airallé ® device developed with FDA licensed medical technology, we are applying hot air to the finished and vinegar-controlled hair for 30 minutes at the Nitspro Center. This process is applied to the entire region with the same temperature as the hair. And this process is the most effective method for drying lice and eggs. The application is extremely harmless.

    Sucking ointment with Licesnatcher.

    1. With the help of our device called Licesnatcher, we are applying suction to the dried bits and parasites. This vacuuming process is done in a completely natural way. The application is very sensitive and will never harm your hair and scalp. In this way, due to the operation of the previous Airallé ® device, the grip of the parasites is weakened and all the parasites in the hair are easily pulled.

    Care after drying and suction.

    1. Shortly after Airallé ® and Licesnatcher, we apply a soothing local liquid drug application, and we hold the liquid thoroughly to all hair and scalp and wait for 15 minutes. The product we apply is shampoo manufactured from Lavanya oils, which are entirely of course obtained from the roads.