Solving Lice problem 100%

  • As Nitspro Center, we eliminate the problem of head lice and nit in 90 minutes with our FDA-licensed Airalle® device.

    We offer treatment in a single session in times ranging from 90 minutes to 150 minutes according to the type of hair, intensity and lice, nit rate. Our success rate is 100%.

    After treatment, there is no free re-treatment of any problems within a week. Other family members need to be treated if the day of the appointment for treatment is in the family who is living, and if the presence of lice and nit is found to be in control.

    If any of the other family members are not treated or checked out and the presence of nit and lice is not noticed, the risk of being processed and re-cleaned by nit and lice is too much. In this case, the presence of lice and nit is necessary to treat all family members on the same day.