What is hair lice?

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    Lice are parasitic insects. That means the lice need a place where they can survive and reproduce. Hair lice; By establishing parasitic relationships with us, it has evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, and the only environment in which these creatures can sustain their lives nowadays is human scalp and hair. Hair lice are insects that are about 3 mm long, with little wingless, blood-absorbing, color change. The hair can't bounce, it can't fly.

    The food supply of lice is a trick. The lice have developed six claws that can hold the hair at a point near the scalp, especially because they are sucking blood.

    These parasites absorb the blood of the person they are in a few times a day. When bit bites, it secretes the saliva to bleed the blood clot in the skin, causing a severe itching. Hair lice cannot survive more than 2 days in external environments without human beings. The average lifespan on live is about a month.