NitsPro Center in Istanbul & Izmir

NitsPro Center Our AirAlle® center is an office in Turkey and Istanbul. It destroys all lice and eggs (circles) in one session.

  • Fast lice therapy consists of 4 steps:

    STEP 1 - Inspeciton: It is a detailed control process to detect the ending. This is done with a magnifying lamp.

    STEP 2 - Heated-Air Treatment:The first step is our heated air treatment which utilizes our  exclusive and patented Airallé device. This FDA cleared device kills lice and their eggs by drying them out. The temperature is carefully controlled to ensure the treatment  will dehydrate the lice and  their  eggs while still being very  comfortable. Every Lice Center of Nitspro technician is trained and certified to use the Airallé device. We  start  with the section of hair at the base of the head and treat the area for  30 seconds. We continue treating one section of hair at a time until the entire scalp is done. The heated air treatment using the Ariallé device lasts only 30 minutes.

    STEP 3 - The Rinse: The third step in our full service treatment is the application of a topical rinse specially formulated to suffocate any lice that may have survived. We will thoroughly apply the rinse to all of the hair and scalp. The rinse needs to be left in the hair for 10 minutes. Our full treatment usually takes about an hour and that's it you're done. We  guarantee your child will be lice-free so you  can get back to your life

    STEP 4 - Last InspecitonIt is the process of final control. This process is carried out by a specialist accompanied by a magnifying lamp.

Nitspro  Lice Comb

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